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Learning is a journey that should be engaging and satisfyingwith each and every moment building and preparing you for your next step. EI Games was developed to provide stimulating and enjoyable engagement in education.

We believe that emotional intelligence should be at the heart of that journey and so empathy and generosity for others is at the core of everything we teach.



Designed to Engage and Stimulate


Emotional Intelligent Leadership

This Award-winning course is based around the same lessons found in Kevin's book The Case of The Missing Cutlery, A Leadership course for the rising star. This course will focus on enhancing personal leadership abilities within organizations and learning how to best manage others with an emphasis on emotional intelligence.




EI Business Communications

This course is based on lessons taken from Kevin's WSJ best-selling book The Hiden Agenda, A proven way to win business and create a following. Behind every decision is a human emotion, targeting that emotional motivation is the surest way to connect with your audience and win the business you seek. The course puts you in the position of a Global New Business Officer where you will face scenarios based on real life dilemmas taken directly from the experience of games creator and business growth expert kevin Allen.




This  game puts each player in the center of creating a start-up where they must navigate all the highs and lows of bringing a new company to the market place. The game is taken from real life experiences and challenges faced by successful entrapreneurs. Its journey centers on two vital entreprenurial skills, the ability to understand your unique marketplace offering and the skills to sell it to backers, followers and most importantly customers.



Learn New EQ Skills  * Group Dynamics * Meeting Formats * Debate and Conflict * Role Clarity * Goals and Ambition * Enlisting a Following * Experimental Culture * A Belief System * Project Management * Empathetic Listening * Catalysts and Resistors * Ethics * Managing Crisis * Seeking Counsel * Problem Solving * Team Formation * Transparency * Decision V's Detail * Open Debate * Rallying your Team * Cultural Permission * Overcoming Objections * Connecting with your Audience * Understanding Personality Profiles * Preparing for a Presentation * Addressing Setbacks and Overcoming Objections

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