E.I. Games is the #1 EQ led business education and training system utilizing emotional Intelligence and gamification to bring players a more enjoyable and immersive experience. We take pride in our values-based simulations that provide educators with a new tool to inspire and equip the next generation of business leaders with the skills they require.

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Our award-winning games, rooted in Emotional Intelligence and values-based business practices, are designed to inspire university students, corporate learners and government personnel at all levels around the world. 




We're proud of our positive and diverse working environment, and even prouder that our awards and accolades over the years reflect this!

From its inception, EI Games has been recognized for its innovation and excellence in content, user experience and creativity around the world and every day we strive to create more engaging and enjoyable game simulations that make a difference. 

Our awards genuinly reflect the hard work and dedication that our teams and partners put into each and every collaboration.


We would like to thank our customers, clients, players and partners for the thoughtful and insightful feedback that has placed us at the top for

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Leadership & Management 

Lead a successful company turnaround through the application of ethical, emotionally intelligent and diversity sensitive leadership values, including inspired communication, customer-centricity and generosity of spirit.

EI Selling, Pitching & Presenting

Present, pitch and win using EQ business development strategies and key principles of emotional motivation, personality profiling and advanced closing techniques.

Organizational Assessment

Lead an organizational assessments team tasked with implementing a high-standard analysis in the face of organizational resistance.

Business Ethics

Lead an enlightened company through a crucial product launch while maintaining economics and ethics on the same decision-making plane, applying sound methods for ethical business outcomes. 


Achieve entrepreneurial success by applying proven, practical emotional intelligence techniques and leading a team through the entrepreneurial journey, from developing a concept to building the company and taking a product to market. 

*Coming Soon: Values, Inclusion, High-Performance Teamwork 


What They're Saying:

"I wanted an effective way to help my students apply and hone their emotional intelligence. They loved it and said that they’d remember it. What makes it “sticky” is the magic of EI Games!"  - Professor Susan Davis, Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development 

"Ei Games’ Fireworks game gets you much closer to a real-world experience than you can ever capture from a textbook about entrepreneurship... emotionally engaging, appropriately demanding, and rewarding when you succeed—just like being an entrepreneur really is." - Dr. Dennis Trinkle, Director, Center for Information & Communication Sciences

"An inspired part of our program!" - Teman & Teran Evans, Lecturers in Architecture, Graduate School of Design 

"Outstanding experience for my class... they focus on building the students' Emotional Quotient (EQ) which, from my own experience in the business world, is a bigger determinant of success than the students' Intelligence Quotient (IQ)... The games generated very animated discussions and debates as we discussed some of the scenarios and answers from the game, much richer discussion than from just using a text."  - Professor George L. Grody, Markets & Management Studies

"My students have said this is the most fun and engaging way to learn about leadership, and they're even telling their friends and colleagues to take this course!”  – Professor Andi Hess, Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies

“We observed increased self-regard, self-confidence, and a foundation for a healthier and more professional self-image.... a number of students returning to discuss the techniques and skills acquired from the simulation that were immediately applied in their workplaces.” - Dr. Michael Sutton, Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business


Our Growing Community


Engage. Inspire. Equip.

Generosity of spirit, empathy and a focus on others is the cornerstone of our conceptual design. 

The game objectives are not to achieve the typical (i.e. stock price or financial accumulation), but how the player is able to apply a wide range of emotional intelligence characteristics, including the ability to inspire a following, maintain transparency, instill customer-centricity, foster creativity and innovation, and build high-performing teams.



Celebrated Content, Direct from the C-Suite

EI Games was created by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kevin Allen, a  world-renowned expert on emotional intelligence and its practical application in the workplace, after a highly acclaimed 30-year career as a global business growth leader. 


Real world, leader-tested content is derived from Kevin Allen's celebrated business career and the experiences of top global business leaders, along with Allen's bestselling books.