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Our award-winning Leadership Development Game yields better performing leaders at any stage of their career – from managing small project teams to inspiring an entire organization to perform at its absolute best. 

We understand the urgency to have a pool of high-performers ready to tackle leadership roles with an ability to drive business whilst inspiring growth, establishing followership and fostering a happy, loyal workforce.


How It Works

Leadership Development Game


Our Leadership Development Game puts your employees in the CEO seat of a struggling business, where they face challenging scenarios based on real experiences of top global executives.

Challenging them to demonstrate an ability to assess each individual situation and consider the resulting reactions as they move forward.

We Cover:

  1. Building and developing high-performing teams
  2. Setting targeted and achievable goals
  3. Inspiring your team and achieving real commitment
  4. Overcoming setbacks, problems and competition
  5. Igniting your following and inspiring real change

Who's It For?

  • Mid Level Managers/Leaders
  • Aspiring Entry Level Managers
  • Anyone Looking To Develop EI Skills
  • Anyone taking a new Leadership Role
  • Business College Programs And students

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