Hidden Agenda

Behind every decision is an underlying human emotion.


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Winning Business with EI

This course is based on lessons taken from Kevin Allen's WSJ best-selling book The Hidden Agenda, A proven way to win business and create a following. Behind every decision is a human emotion, targeting that emotional motivation is the surest way to connect with your audience and win the business you seek.

Game levels

The course puts you in the position of a Global New Business Officer where you will face scenarios based on real life dilemmas taken directly from the experience of  international business executives and growth experts.


As you progress throughout the course you are given tips and techniques to help you progress in situations based on the topics below.

Connecting with your Audience

Understanding Personality Profiles

Preparing for a presentation

addressing setbacks

Thoughts from the pros

Kevin's Buoyancy course reinforces how individual compassion can ignite communities enabling great leaders and companies to consistently stay on the forefront of change."


Angela Ahrendts

Chief Executive Officer



“Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had learning”


-Arizona State

“Love at first click! Many many learnings and experiences which are provided with an easiness – you almost forget that the topics are work-related and have the purpose to be beneficial for your managing skills and thus for your career. Great game with great insights!"


- Spark44


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