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Many businesses face the same significant challenge in their workforce: they employ bright, talented individuals anxious to grow their careers, but are under-prepared to be hyper-effective leaders. We understand the urgency to have a pool of high-performers ready to tackle leadership roles with an ability to drive business while inspiring growth, establishing followership and fostering a happy, loyal workforce.


The key to great leaders is their readiness to connect with the hopes, dreams and fears of a collective organization. Those that can consistently demonstrate keen emotional intelligence have proven to be the most successful leaders driving the most successful teams.

Developing Aspiring Talent

Game levels

Our Leadership Development Game puts players in the seat of the CEO of a struggling business, where they face challenging scenarios based on experiences of real global executives.


Each challenge results in a decision where the player must select the optimal answer, demonstrating their ability to assess the situation and consider the resulting reaction as they move to the next level.

Setting achievable goals

Setting an Emotional Ambition Enlisting your Following

Confidence in your Ambition  Winners/Experimental Culture Focusing on your Mission

Establishing a Belief System Creating a Sense of Urgency

Building a high-performing team

Igniting your following

Group Dynamics

Participative Meeting Format

Decision-making Agenda Design

Optimal Meeting Size

Debate- Encouraging Healthy Conflict Role Clarity

Universal Participation

Managing Reactions to Change

Listening Empathetically

The Coaching Role of a Leader

Managing Catalysts and Resistors

Building Employee Loyalty The Persistent Resistor

Importance of Employee Opinion

Inspiring Genuine Change

Decisions vs. Detail

Communicating Openly

Full Disclosure to your Employees

Allowing Open Debate

Rallying your Team

Language and Cultural Permission

 Overcoming Objections

Overcoming setbacks and competition

Dealing with a Rumor

Thoroughness in Ethics Issues

Crisis Management

Seeking Counsel from Others

Personal Investment in Problem Solving Enlisting Talents for Problem Solving  Transparency in Difficult Times

Thoughts from the pros

“EI Games is the perfect training for anyone who wants to get into a fast track in their next big role. The game combines the human side of the business and some fun, engaging simulation with a focus on the actual outcome for the user. ”

- Nike

“Better delivery method than any other training I've had."

– Cisco

“The people behind EI Games must have a clear love for sharing knowledge in a playful and highly motivating way, and that collective passion has created something really great. ”

- Spark 44

Our award winning Leadership Development Game yields better performing leaders at any stage of their career – from managing small project teams to inspiring an entire organization to perform at its absolute best.

Immersive learning has shown increased self-regard and self-confidence in students. We provide innovative solutions to engage and educate them Online.


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Igniting people's passion takes intrinsic motivation. Gamified learning motivates people to achieve their goals, that in turn align with the goals of your organization.