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"Has shown increased self-regard, self-confidence, and a foundation for a healthier and more professional self-image through the use of serious games, simulations, and gamified exercises."

-Case study, Westminster College

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The future of learning is gamified

We've taken the best of our experience in business development and created completely customized business simulation games for educators of management, organization, and communication skills. No two curriculum are the same, so we'll customize and cater our content to your specific needs. Below you'll see some of the materials that can be at your disposal and our game suite.

Leadership and management

This course will focus on enhancing personal leadership abilities within organizations and learning how to best manage others with an emphasis on emotional intelligence.


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Sales and Presentation

Behind every decision is a human emotion, targeting that emotional motivation is the surest way to connect with your audience and win the business you seek.



With the constant changing work environment, there is a periodic need to review how jobs are defined, departments organized, processes structured, and problems managed.


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An introduction from Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen is an expert in business development and leading companies to achieve their ambitions. He spent two decades on the front lines of business development at the top of advertising giants McCann-WorldGroup, the Interpublic Group and Lowe Worldwide and is recognized as one of the advertising industry's best. The video series by Kevin gives students the chance to learn from the modern day Madman himself.

Our games are built with administrators in mind. Each Instructor will be able to observe and track an individual student's progress through the games and document their scores. In addition to grading, this data can assist in facilitating discussions in the classroom around the more challenging subjects.

Our content can be woven into any existing curriculum. If you need help bringing any of our games into your existing classes, we have Instructional Designers on hand ready to create the best syllabus possible. Check out our sample syllabus by clicking on the image to the left.

Custom Syllabus

Administrative Backbone

The workbook is intended for in-class lectures. It is a great tool for working through key concepts and ideas that are covered in the games. Within the workbook, students will also be able to rationalize and plan through additional situations not already covered.



To better serve you, we've created lecture slides that correlate with the content of each game. Throughout the presentations you'll find key concepts and learning outcomes from the games and Kevin's two books.

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The hidden Agenda

Each of us pitches ideas every day. Regardless of what idea we're selling--or who we're selling it to--it all boils down to the act of stirring someone to join you, to agree to follow you. Yet we consistently underestimate how critical it is to recognize the role of the decision maker. Decisions are, after all, made by people; and people have needs and agendas, spoken and unspoken. Understanding these needs and agendas are critical to success in business. Kevin Allen's approach is not about persuading, but about creating a connection that assures a mutual win. By unearthing the true motivation or desire of the decision maker, Allen shows how to craft a story or message around it, creating a predictable and repeatable end result. Full of stories and examples, this entertaining book teaches you how to effectively find, connect, and finally speak to the Hidden Agenda to win business unfailingly, every time.


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The Case of the Missing Cutlery

As a young manager at an airline catering facility, Kevin had to find out why silverware was disappearing at a rapid clip. The route to solving this mystery of The Case of the Missing Cutlery results in Kevin learning to rise to the occasion, to become a leader who inspires followers and is able to rely on their hard work and support. Kevin has called upon this story countless times during his long career in advertising, and has shared it broadly on the BBC’s Radio 4 program, “Four Thought.”


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What Students are Saying:

"Hands down the most fun I've ever had learning...It was very inspiring and it made a seemingly impossible, intimidating process of going through the ranks of a company seem very possible."

-Student, Arizona State University

A Growing Community of EI Education

now customizing for each classrooms unique needs

We believe that emotional intelligence should be at the heart of every student's journey and that empathy and generosity for others is at it's core. If you're thinking of brining EI Games into your classes, reach out and see how we can help.




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