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"Immersive learning

Has shown increased self-regard, self-confidence, and a foundation for a healthier and more professional self-image through the use of serious games, simulations, and gamified exercises."

Case study, Dr Michael Sutton, Westminster College

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We've taken the best of our experience in business development and created completely customized programs for educators of Business Management, Organizational Assessment, Presentation Skills and Business Ethics.

Each level of our curriculum unlocks new insights into driving Emotional Intelligence and 21st century management needed in todays evolving economy. Our games are built with administrators in mind and each professor will be able to observe and track an individual student's progress throughout the game.

Building Emotional Intelligence into Business Education



"Hands down the most fun I've ever had learning...It was very inspiring and it made a seemingly impossible, intimidating process of going through the ranks of a company seem very possible."

-Student, Arizona State University